Welcome to South Africa!!!

Nestled on the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is one of the world’s natural treasures.

Wildlife photographers visit South Africa from all over the world to experience the beautiful climate, a huge variety of fauna and flora, culture, accommodation, natural attractions and the friendly people of South Africa.

The landscape varies from arid deserts to tropical dune forests, high mountain peaks covered in snow during winter and everything in between. These landscapes provide a home for thousands of species including mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, flowers, and trees uniquely found in South Africa.

With the Big 5 as one of the main attractions for the visiting wildlife photographer, they are but the tip of the iceberg for potential photo opportunities ensuring that you will capture your African moments of a lifetime.

Why visit South Africa as a passionate wildlife photographer?

  1. With 230 different species of mammals South Africa some critically endangered like the Riverine Rabbit to the collection of predators and the mighty African Elephant, there is ample potential for stunning photos. Our Marine mammals along our coastline including seals, dolphins, and whales are always highlights on a photographic safari.
  2. South Africa is home to 950 odd species of birds many visiting us during the summer before migrating at the start of autumn either intra-africa or as far as Siberia such as the Amur Falcon. The King of the Skies is the Martial Eagle with a wingspan of over 2.2 meters to the small Kurrichane Buttonquail the Wildlife photographer will have a target rich environment with our colorful feathered friends.
  3. An incredible range of Reptiles and Amphibians make South Africa their home, from the Cape legless skink the Desert Mountain Adder, the Vine Snake to the tiny Painted Reed Frog.
Start planning your Wildlife Photo Adventure with us and come Capture Your African Moments.


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