Part 3 of how African wildlife got their names”

  • Pangolin: Malay name for “peng-goling” for the species, which means “the roller” from their habit of rolling into a ball for protection
  • Porcupine: Greek word “porcus” meaning pig and “spina” meaning species, direct translation “spined pig”
  • Rhinoceros: Greek word “rhis” meaning nose and “keras” meaning horn, direct translation “nose horn”
  • Springbok: Afrikaans meaning “jumping back” in reference to their unique jumping action called “pronking”
  • Warthog: Refers to the outgrowths or warts on the face (our featured photo)
  • Zebra: Portuguese or Italian name of the species in the Congo region

Hope you have enjoyed learning about the different group names for the animals in Africa.

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