Why rent Photographic equipment for your safari?

The ability to rent photographic equipment eliminates the worry of in-flight weight restrictions and carrying the extra load on board. International travel weight restrictions have become stricter each year, making it difficult to travel with large amounts of camera gear; a large lens being by far the heaviest piece of camera equipment you will bring along.
With the significant cost to purchase a lens that may be used a few times a year, it makes sense to rent a lens specifically chosen to be the best for the few days in the year that you are on safari.
We have carefully chosen a selection of lenses that are perfectly adapt for the terrain and wildlife viewing. The lenses we offer are suitable for the beginner enthusiast through too professional. With the open terrain that characterizes most areas of South Africa, it is optimal to use lenses that offer the photographer better reach to zoom in on your subject. All our lenses exceed the standard range of 300mm that allows you ‘fill your frame’ and eliminate excessive cropping during post-image editing.
It gives you the opportunity to “see through the eyes of a professional photographer” and capture the same type of images that professional wildlife photographers take.
You do not need to be a professional to use the lenses. Our staff will give you a 5-minute introduction to using and caring for the lenses before you start taking great images with it.

What will we offer you?

If you don’t own or use a long reach zoom or Prime lens, then the immediate difference in your image quality when using one of our lenses will be the first noticeable effect.
The lenses have been designed for high-end results offering the best in sharpness and speed.
If you already own a Lens, then the ability to rent one eliminates the need to bring along your own.
Many people don’t own super zoom lenses that reach beyond 300mm. Our lenses all go beyond 300mm zoom length. This allows you to get crystal clear and close up images of your subjects.
Some of our lenses extend to 600mm which allows for extreme zooming in to get photos of small birds and the “eye of the elephant.”

Renting a lens will offer you:

Less weight to carry while traveling
The opportunity to experience and test out professional quality lenses while on safari
Use lenses beyond 300mm in length, a focal range that not many travelers ever get to experience.
Photograph South Africa’s wildlife and birdlife with the optimum range of 400-500mm and thus increasing your chance attaining of excellent images
Use lenses that perform best in low light. A lot of animal activity occurs at dusk, and this is when these lenses still work very well.

Our selection of Lenses:

Sigma’s new range of SPORT Lenses is a testament to excellent and versatile zoom lenses. The close focusing distance of 150mm and the far-reaching 600mm ensure that whether you are in the photo hides or out on game drive, you can capture all the action. These lenses offer extreme versatility and flexibility, which in turn, means it is very easy for you to use and take excellent images.
Our Canon 500mm f4 and Nikon 600mm f4 Prime Lenses offer quality that matches their impressive size.
A Prime Lens is a fixed focal length, and thus versatility is not an option. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that professional photographers worldwide opt for these lenses to ensure the highest quality images regarding sharpness and clarity.
A low aperture of f4 means these lenses perform exceptionally well in low light conditions. The Autofocus on these two lenses is extremely fast and for action or birds in flight, these lenses are outstanding.
Our rental selection:
1 x SIGMA Nikon 150 – 600mm f5.6 – 6.3
1 x SIGMA Canon 150 – 600mm f5.6 – 6.3
1 x CANON 500mm f4
1 x NIKON 500mm f4
1 x 7D Mk ii Canon Body and grip
1 x D500 body

Cost of rental
The cost for 2017 USD $95.00 per lens per day and USD $65 per body per day.

This includes:

  1. Hand over to the client.
  2. Insurance of the lens and camera bod.
  3. Maintenance and cleaning.

To rent a lens or body, please contact us to make inquiries and booking.


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