GID Photo Safaris is built on a foundation of creating the best possible Southern African photographic holidays and safaris, through sourcing the most exclusive locations for photographers and holiday-makers.

Lead by professional guides, not only do we focus on the “hairy and scary’s “of the African bush but we want to show you the diverse geography and culture that Southern Africa has on offer.

Our primary goal is to reveal it all – the breathtaking scenery, birding, wildlife, trees, people, and cultures.

We are serious when it comes to providing our guests with the best safari experience. To do this, we create an intimate, hospitable and adaptive environment for our guests.

We want to guide you in Capturing your African Experience.


With an extensive travel background, we have been able to meet and experience diverse cultures and environments. With this backdrop, the GID Photo Safari’s team will be able to plan every safari to the finest detail not only in destinations but also logistically to ensure our guests have maximum photographic opportunities.

We are passionate about all things nature and especially how to capture those unique images.

We are strong supporters of correct nature conservation management services including anti-poaching.

Guest Benefits

GID Photo Safaris strives to stay off of the beaten track! We seek photographic safari destinations that do not form part of a typical or commercial safaris. We focus on finding the best scenery and wildlife destinations South Africa has to offer.

Our focus is on getting the best possible photos by being at the right place at the right time! And thus by staying off of the beaten track, we offer our guests an African outdoor experience ranging from basic but comfortable camping (mobile safaris) to safari tents and lodges. We have a policy of maximum three guests per vehicle thereby ensuring enough space and comfort for each guest.

We would like to extend an invitation to travel with GID Photo Safaris as we will design you a safari dependent on your budget and time constraints to safari destinations to ensure You Capture Your African Moments.


Your Host

Gerhard’s love for all things nature (insects, fish, birds, and animals) started at an early age while growing up on the South African Highveld.

With the joys of experiencing nature and all its wonders, he developed a passion for sharing these experiences with family and friends. One of the natural progressions was to photography.

After school, he joined the South African National Defense Force where he served for ten years as an officer. During his military service, he learned about the diversity of cultures and people of South Africa.

Gerhard started working in the UAE
(Dubai) In 2007 and here he tried to spend as much time in or around the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean on the east coast of the UAE.

He worked in a multicultural corporate environment of the Middle and Near East. (Supply Chain Management)

Gerhard has also worked in diverse locations such as Dubai UAE, Luanda Angola, Singapore, Jubail, and Jizan in Saudi Arabia.(Procurement and Supply Chain Management)

He has also traveled to countries such as Tanzania, Australia, Vanuatu, Malaysia, and Oman chasing is passion in photography but also fishing and spending on the oceans.

Today, as a qualified (FGASA) field guide and back up trails guide as well as an avid wildlife photographer, he construes a passion for working with people in the African veld.

As a result, Gerhard founded GID Photo Safaris.
His combined passion for Nature, People, Photography, a great personality, an experienced guide, that infectious appetite for adventure,  will guarantee you an enjoyable and unique safari experience.
Gerhard has done the following courses:
Level 1 Field Guide (FGASA)
Level 2 First Aid and First Responder
Birding (Ecotraining)
Tracks and Signs (Level 2 with Ecotraining)
Trails Guide (back up with Ecotraining)