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“Get Up Close and Personal with the Hair and Scary’s of the African Hinterland in the Comfort and Safety of Our Private 4 x 4 Vehicle….”

GID Photo Safaris is a photographic safari company geared to cater for the needs of international wildlife photo enthusiast.

Unlike traditional safari companies, we focus on the amateur and professional wildlife photographer alike with our intimate and informative safari destinations in South Africa.

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Safari Journal – April 2017

Excerpts from my Safari Journal 25th April 2017- This is not a dream It was 1.30am, just after midnight on 25th April 2017. I must have dozed off from sheer tiredness. Something/ someone /some noise? must have woken me up. I started up in bed, trying to get my... read more

Shadows in the long grass

The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the predatory big cats found in Africa. The leopard has a broad range in sub-Sahara Africa and parts of Asia. With fur marked with rosettes acting as part of its camouflage. The leopard is well known as an ambush hunter as well... read more

How did the African wildlife get their names??? Part 3

Part 3 of how African wildlife¬†got their names” Pangolin: Malay name for “peng-goling” for the species, which means “the roller” from their habit of rolling into a ball for protection Porcupine: Greek word “porcus” meaning pig... read more